Om Namah Shivaya

The Lord of Lords, The Mystic of Mystics, The Only Truth, Beyond of Excellence and The only Purpose of Life for any Living Being in the whole Cosmos.. Lord Shiva!

The breathe, consciousness, vision and hope of life for a devotee is Lord Shiva, who is omnipresent, not just for the human kind but for all species, either believe or not.

I, often, feel blessed when I feel low or shed tears because of the human nature…’s  a feeling of his immense love, that his devotees often feel and forget the pain that they go through and loose themselves in him, I also experience the same in front of him while praying.  He always absorbs my pain and blesses me with smiles and inspires, to rise in life. It is a great feeling when I realize that I am not even a small particle; however, filled with great vibes and devotion, sitting in front of his feet and chanting his name.

Lord Shiva, without having to ask gives a blissful life to his devotees whether they pray consciously or unconsciously. He “Strives for True Feelings of devotees” (bhaav ke bhookhe).

It doesn’t matter, if it’s an animal, insect or a human, if a being is lucky enough to get his love, will complete his journey and upon then the soul immerses into Lord Shiva.

Repeating “Om Namah Shivaya” is a blissful opportunity that everyone is aware of but is practiced only by few who are chosen by him.

The holy books like Puranas, Vedas describe that Lord Shiva is present everywhere and in everything; it entirely depends on a human vision to identify that and live blissfully. Life itself becomes blissful when a person realizes that the God is in him, outside of him and in each particle, may or may not be visible. He completes his journey of life thankfully, blissfully and peacefully to meet the almighty, The Lord Shiva.

The true devotion in the mind, heart and soul works like a ladder that helps a devotee climb step by step to get self-actualization of Lord Shiva who keeps the poison in his own throat but offer sweetness to his devotees (the Neelkanth).


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