Memories are lifetime…

It is really hard to get rid from memories that are actually good but pointless for future, especially in the case of love. I saw her in a dream two nights earlier that’s not good even right now for living my routine or busy life with a fresh mind. I got a dint from my memories.

I try my best to get engage myself in multiple activities to ignore her and never look back. The past was beautiful but now, to remember that, is quite painful.

The dream I saw two nights earlier was like she was sitting in front of me in an open area on a big rocks near to a waterfall or a river, wearing a blue jeans and black shirt, have long brown colored hair and saying that I have a got new job in a big MNC of a senior profile.

When  I woke up after saw that dream, it was literally upset and sad. Why that dream came and now, what should I do of that dream, what is the purpose of that..

I prayed to Lord Shiva, to give her all success that she want because I know her, she is very much career oriented and a laborious person, if she want something then she give her best to achieve that.

My wishes are always with her to have a bright future, individually and family as well. Today, she is married and living her own life with her husband and the closed ones. Earlier, it was like, she used to visit my profiles but even that’s now also over. This is what exactly I expect from her and wish to live her life very well with happiness and forget me like anything.

Love is always beautiful, even if the partner is not with you anymore.. Memories are Lifetime!!!


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