A small love story

Yes, my love was blind. I was mad in love with full of passion to keep her happy and protect always. I couldn’t see her eyes filled with tears but many a times I was the only reason and after sweeping the tears, her eyes glowed like a beautiful sky after heavy rain. A lot of time, I made her cry from my stupidities that pinch me even today and will forever. It’s now 10 years, I am back to my hometown after finishing my boarding school and out of which I lived 8.5 years with her. I started living my life with her; she was an excellent start for my life and her memories will be my guide for the lifetime, either good or bad. I have lived a beautiful life with her that only I and she know; I don’t want people to know about that because words are not enough to express our bonding, trust, love, the depth of sensibility, feeling each other’s aura just by holding each other’s hands.

Here, public transport is a mental pain which she was used-to for travel. Whenever she had to commute via public transport or walk on the roads, I was always available on the phone to give her some relief. Whenever she traveled via public bus or autos (an open mini cab with around 400cc engine),  chances of some stupid arguments and discomfort were high. One day, I decided that she is not going to use any public transport at all, doesn’t matter how much serious is the reason to reach any place. She had no personal vehicle so I decided that I will use my own bike or car for her travel needs as much as possible and make myself available as per her travel schedules. With this step, we started spending a lot of time with each other. We both forgot “what a dating is”and were used to see each other and spend happy time together.

I didn’t get the time to focus on my own life because her comfort, happiness and security were left the only priorities for me. I was 24*7 occupied for her. My all days, evenings and nights were prioritized according to her plans and she was quite  happy with that, I was quite happy with that.

Today, we are not together because of a reason that was not in our hands and that was our destiny. We are in each other’s memories and pray for each other in hearts and Lord Shiva fulfill our wishes. He know that his loving kids are suffering from the pain of separation (not break up) and they haven’t stopped caring each other even if its more than a year to see because this process is now set for lifetime.


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