Thanks for Everything!

When you are blessed with good people, you are always thankful to the Almighty. The closed ones turn into the power with a glow in your life.

I will be always thankful to Lord Radhe-Krishna for sending someone in my life who became the most important part of my life and after a beautiful period, an awesome guide for the lifetime.

I know, someday,  you will read this blog also. Yes, this is about you.

Thanks very much to you for giving me such a very special feeling that I live in every moment of my life, doesn’t matter where I am or what I do. You stood by me all the time (I know, even now, I am in your concerns), gave tremendous support and incredibly beautiful relationship. Today, whatever I do or I would say that my ways of thinking, concerns for anything or anyone, the way I organize things, from small steps to the big ones, have been transformed to a rising level. The reason is, quite, your consequences on me that forced me to become what you really wanted in me. And, I am in love with that consequences.

You have been very special to me and will be forever. You have a place that nobody can replace because that was You… not anyone else. I get count for a multiple of good stuff, I learned from you. Today, I can afford to take a pledge to transform myself into an amazing personality who would be loved by anyone. I am not in fight with me, I am in love for my beautiful life because otherwise, you will be upset and this is what I cannot bear at any cost.

Even today, I pray for your well-being and pleasantness to Lord Shiva, this is what the best I could say or do for you, always. Remember, doesn’t matter how hard you are living, you are in the eyes of my Lord Shiva, he is your savior and he will never let you down. Just be strong and don’t look back. You are in my prayers, you will be fine. Please continue your great doings because you are made for that.

Be the same, Always.

Thank You!


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