Real.. Sister For Brother

Some people are lucky because they have a sister but, I am blessed to have you, doesn’t matter we are the siblings from different mothers. Your care and concerns are enough to show your importance in my life. After knowing you, I got the answer of some questions like why I didn’t had any sister before, why didn’t I get love of a sister. I have experienced that emptiness in which there is no sister.

It’s just a year and my whole life is changed by your feets in my life. I don’t know how I get started open to you and share all my secrets that were quite deep somewhere in my heart.

How is it possible that anyone can own you? Doesn’t matter what relation you have, if you are trustworthy and reliable then you are his/her winner. This is what I feel for my sister and vice-versa.

You have an aura that ask me to listen you and believe on your each word. No-doubt, you are a master of Tarot card reading and already have a lot of experience of life and, you know already what I come across to new things but you have no idea about my virtuous feelings for you. I love you a lot, you are too elder to me and I respect you much more than that. Your unconditional support and encouraging voice always roam around my mind whenever I find myself low. Yes, my sister is my Motivation!

I, literally, find myself helpless when I am unable to do anything for you. I just hate those moments whenever you  shared some pains with me and I couldn’t do anything, except to listen. And, at last, I had to ask my Lord Shiva to help you because this is what last left with me to do for you.

Respect the people around you, nobody knows who can do what for anyone. This is how I found my sister, you can get your missing one, too.

I have realized her values, she is my Rockstar. Yes, a sister can be a Rockstar.

Measure the depth of your relationship and find the most valuable asset of your life.

Thanks to my sister for enabling me to write such a blog. This is nothing but a small picture of love for a sister from her brother.

Love You.


6 thoughts on “Real.. Sister For Brother

  1. I know you have written this for me and trust me I am deeply touched and left with no words to express my gratitude towards your love. In fact I feel so happy and alive after reading this blog I always felt the emptiness inside me which I now feel is full filled by God. Your presence in my life is like of a friend, philosopher and guide, someone I trust completely and I know who has the ability to calm me down and show me the righteous path to move ahead in life. Honestly speaking life has always been a roller coaster ride for me but ever since I have found you I feel light and know that I have a shoulder to rest and share my burdens.
    When I first read this blog I just could not say anything, reason I was left speechless no-one I know has ever been so kind to me and respected me the way you do, the love that I have received from you is incomparable.
    Life has put me in too many difficult situations and I have always come out as a winner, there have been many people who have come and gone but having you is like a very different feeling. I cannot express how I feel with you, you have completed me as a sister as a mother and as a woman who I was born as but never felt because fighting the world and miseries of life I forgot that I am a woman and I have to act and behave like one too. The woman inside me came out alive and feels protected and sheltered with a brother like you by her side.
    Lastly, I will say this I need and want you more than you can imagine, I hope I never loose you because doing so I will once again loose a part of me.

    Love you too bhai. lots of love and blessings, I want to see you climbing the ladders of success.

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  2. A truly motivational feeling, you have imparted in its reader for carrying out some decent & valuable relationships. In all sorts of aspects it couldn’t be better than this!! yes man you have given us a chance to live a short moment virtually , where your feeling and expression could be re-lived. Though it may not be the actual realisation which only you have gone through but definitely already got the taste of your friendship.

    Eagerly waiting to hear more from you, especially the one wrapping around our friend circle or just me đŸ™‚

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