My Favorite Friend (Always in Style)

The only female devotee of Lord Shiva, I have ever met, is You. We have many a things in common from heart to personality yet we are too different, no doubt. You are my Favorite Friend!

There are countless beauties, having some goals and beautiful dreams in their lives but sadly, not even quarter are generous and true spirit. Yes, you are that rare. I have not seen the whole world but have a good sense for analyzing the things.

No doubt, you are an indeed friend but what is more special that differ you from others: Your colorful persona, joyful personality, sweet-cum-cute smile, straight forward attitude and the great-great-great social friendly nature. You are always in demand from your people because nothing is lively without you. Your gratitude is your impression to others. Please… be the same always, no matter how hard you are experiencing in life. Your fabulous qualities are your personality, keep it save. In fact, you must reach to new boundaries, you have that capabilities.. Trust me!

You have done a lot for me, I will be thankful to you, would be a very small word. So, it’s better for me to always available whenever you need me. You made my dream come true (D.P.) without any expectations. This is the best memory to keep – the day of my dream come true: you excused from office for around 3-4 hours, made arrangements of my entry for the venue, waited for me around 15 minutes on a metro station then finally, you pointed the front seat of the conference room to live my dream. You are Awesome!

Your smile is very important, keep it carry always.

May Lord Shiva fulfill your all wishes, especially “Puchchu” and lifetime amazing shopping.

Great things are impossible to hide because they turn into hopes for the seekers to prosper. 

I am a quiet person but it doesn’t mean I am thoughtless.

Tera Dost!



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