My Joyful Partner

You are the one who read my blogs first. I am missing you from last 3 days just to spend some time and laugh a lot. While carrying that feelings, today, I am writing for you.

Whenever I think about you or hear your name or whenever I see your name while scrolling the list of contacts on the phone, I get a joyful dint from my memories like our meetings in a multiple cafes, lounges, restaurants and trips. You are very important for me, for We-Three. How can I forget that you are the one who took me to the sea, when I was in the state of fear of the ocean, where we met first.

So, let me introduce you to your image: You have a happily-featured face, drown in the sweetness that reflects through your voice, craziness when We-Three are together, highly sensible like my (P), and the most important, intelligence. You have a smart sense of humor… Please be the same always! I don’t want any changes in this image. You are awesome like this, stay natural.

I am your true buddy like a friend, bro, family. Yes, you can rely on me without any question.  I hope, you also have the same feelings for me. You have the great values and respect in my life, I have a lot of concerns for you because I know your qualities that make you what you are. I am bound to care for you just because of your Aura.

I must say that we have a great bonding that works awesome to keep our (We-Three) life lively and joyful. We two are, somehow, a boring company without you. You are the cherry on the top of the cake.

And, yes, I am carrying a complaint or pain in my heart that I want to let you know through this medium only that… You rarely call me, I am the one who always call you first. Like corporate, KINDLY RESOLVE THIS ISSUE ASAP.

You are too sweet and beautiful, know your assets and keep them save. This is not common in all, you are precious. Adding on this, not just to save it, you have the capabilities to reach out to new boundaries. I am damn serious on it.

Please please please… compare yourself from others, get to know your real worth, praise yourself and become a great human being. Don’t worry, you are in the eyes of Lord Shiva, he will take care of you and your efforts.

I have a request to you, please turn my best friend’s life best from your deeds.

This is just a blog, I have a lot to say or to do.. only for You!!

I am blessed to have you.


One thought on “My Joyful Partner

  1. Too happy and emotional to write anything over here.. just that I m too lucky to have u as a friend, to whom I crib abt whatever I want to n u listen silently and also advice me like a big bro. Thanks for being there… N yea I will surely resolve ur pain. 😉

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