When I am seeking for some peace in life after a bad or not so good incident by either closed people or others and have no option to ignore them, the Go-Ahead step which I follow is Compassion. The people who know the beauty of peace are well aware of what magic a compassion can do in their life.

For instance, a person who, in past, did something wrong with you and today, you are seeing him in a difficult situation and somewhere in mind you are flashed with that incident, you forgive him and start thinking to help him by any mean. This is how the compassionate magic starts. This instance is very common and has happened with almost everybody in this planet.

Now, the concern arise how great it would be if you carry that magical thought and inspire everyone from your doings to follow the same path and make the environment more peaceful and beautiful.

What will you get from it? Why it is so important? How will it work?

The Greatness, Wisdom, Empathy and Humanity will transform your approaches and preferences to make you grounded which will make every person and their feelings important for you with a benchmark “At least, not to hurt”. Your hands would arise to help people as a volunteer to initiate without even ask.

Each time post helping or forgiving people, you gain something that makes your aura more beautiful. In continuity, people will follow you, love you and will take care of you. Now, you have a vast family through your Good Karmas and you are no more a normal person, you are a Great Human Being.

Everyone love smile and kindness, pass it on..

Welcome to the Beautiful Life, have Mercy!


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