Dance in the Rain With You

Yes, I want to dance with you in the rain. I want to hug you so tight that you forget the drops of rain and start enjoying me. When I see in your eyes, let it stop there to see your love and passion for me because you are beautiful. I want to feel you like not my better half, but the full of me.. in me.

You are my jelly, my strawberries and my colors of happiness, let me enjoy you with your joy in this rain.

You are completing me with your smiles and laughs while taking long steps of dance. Let me raise your body in the sky and make you feel more joy and happy that will make my place more mine in your heart and body.

Lets enjoy this rain, dance a lot, laugh and joy like unstoppable, make this moment ours and take it to next level of love and passion.

I Love You, come soon in my life.


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