A Gratitude to Almighty

My Baba is Great. He know what I think, he know what I will think and even, what I cannot. He is just awesome, lovely, kind and above of the all. He is my care taker, he is the care taker of my family. 

Today, he blessed me again, realised his presence in my life and family, realised what he means for me. My Baba is full of mercy and love, has his own style of showing his kind and regards to me.

Baba, I am yours, I am eternally you. Bless me, you are my father and everything. You are my bliss and beyond that, you are everywhere, you see me from everywhere and you take care of me everytime. You chose me to be in your eyes. Wherever I go, you realize your Divine presence around me. 

Whatever special I have or I feel, have come from you, from your Upasana. You are my Divine Life, you are the only Joy. Today, again, these tears are blessed from your please on me that you showed in your own incredible way. 

You are my eternal life, my experience. I am nothing without you, nowhere, not even zero. Please, never separate me from yourself. Jai.

You are my Almighty, my Chidaanand.

You are my Baba, my Lord Shiva!


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