Why was it happened?

It’s really hard to forget your best time spent with someone who was/ (still) close to you. It’s not like I am breathing in a deep ocean of memories or in the sweet past moments but when a few drops come to the face then it cut me off from the current life and drive me to the glimpse of sweetest part of ours that were completely Ours…

Sometimes, I really ask from myself that are you really no more in my life? We had an undescribable bonding, the ideal trust, a soulful connection. You were my earning, my happiness, my everything that centralized me for being settled in any situation. Still, I don’t trust that you are not for me anymore. But, when a hurting situation come which makes me realize the truth, it just break me like a hell and took me to a dilemma which is just dark.

It ask me to cry loud and let that noise knock your doors to force you to see me. But, I am sorry, I can’t do that. I cannot ruin your life which is now beautiful like you ever wanted.

I  am alone and now.. I really feel that I must have my someone. It’s actually enough to test myself and behaving like a strong guy for any bullshit.

Why it was happened with us? Let’s see… what’s that special.


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