Her Aura

You are still in me because you were perfect for me. You made my life, not from your words but from your presence. It’s been a long time but you are still in me.

I can feel your Aura at this very moment and it’s making me feel like you are still close to me. Asking me with holding my hand to get sure that everything is fine, I am with you, I am still in you.

It’s really rare to have such a bond in a relationship, thanks to you because you were/ are rare.

You were almost opposite to me but it was your Aura’s beauty and our bonding which pulled me to stand with your thoughts by holding your hand with an incredible satisfaction.

You were mine.. I can still remember the kind of feeds I used to get for my soul when I, simply, had to touch you, holding your hand while talking. It was incredible, it was like my soul is getting in you and you are completing me to be one.

I am still devotee to you, you are my favorite, want to hold you for our lifetime, not just for my lifetime.

My Lord Krishna sent you in my life for a reason, you were my Radha. It’s great but quite painful.


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