Rejuvenate in the feet of Almighty

It’s like a gadget, when the battery is about to die, needs recharge. This is what same happens with humans or any soul in the whole cosmos.

When you are tired to fix the things, nurturing your relationships, escaping the unwants from the closed ones, console yourself from any unexpects, you need sometime to relax in the feets of Sai Baba to relief your soul and cry loud for whatever is happening around you.

Because, I have tried my best and I am not perfect, whatever best I could do, I did. Now, it’s upto you, how you will save me, because you are my heart and everything. You Know what is best for me and what I deserve.

Yes, now I am tired from fake friendships, prioritized​ people and all that things that are temporary.

Rejuvenate me, I don’t know how good my luck is but what I know best about me, I am blessed by You.

Everything is temporary, but we should be true always.

Sabka Malik Ek!

Shiva, Krishna, sab Ek.. baaki sab mithya.


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