Love, a need of soul

Finally, I agree that love is my weakness if it’s​ not in my life and vice versa.
I have tried my best to ignore that truth but now, I agree because recently, I got a flash from my past and it showed the real reason of my peaceful life; and, yes, I am done with my single life now.

I have waited for long, have given enough time to understand my current situations but​ what I got in return was just emptiness, loneliness, pain and some depression. I am not believing that I am writing such things from my life.

Love is a power and I need it to live, genuinely. I have enough love in my veins & soul that needs someone to connect and live back that life which is best for me.

What best I know about myself is that I am a man of Love​; and Commitments drive me to take my love to the next level. This is my proud that keeps me amazing for my soulmate.
If she is happy, I am happy- this is what my love is all about.

When it comes to my own happiness, I have my Sai Baba, Lord Shiva and Badrivishal who keeps looking at me because they know that I need them on my each step of life. They are my caretaker, they are my Father and everything. Baba is my soul who ask me to behave ideally​. Baba is my origin of love who ask me to love someone the best. Baba is my truly loving that’s why he made me Soulful.

Sorry Baba, if I said something that I don’t show in my attitude and gratitude.


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