My Kind of Girl

What I found in my last trip was… My kind of girl.

Honestly, when I saw her the first time, it was just a Hi and she moved to another person, I continued what I was doing. We were in a group and had a plan for a full day outing, we had a blast.

There were moments when I looked at her, we had some eye contacts and I noticed that she has something that is calling me to look at her again and again. Soon, I realized that she is my kind of girl. So, what’s in she?

 She has a sweet voice, an innocent face that adores to the depth, a calm aura that asks you to sit in front of her and talk like never ending, and her body language that I found was truly sofisticated. Her feminism is what attracted me the most because she is complete in herself and that’s the secret of her beauty. She was looking very pretty and I could see the excitement on her face yet, she was quite. That’s a sign of her maturity. She doesn’t talk much yet, her smile is beautiful.

I could see the way she was playing in the lake, very cheerful and happy yet she was completely self-controlled. That was a sign of her quite nature with inner joy.

 I found her aura attracted me to think about her repeatedly, I could feel that she has settled all the thoughts for her life and​ I can still feel the way she was carrying herself… that was just my girl’s way.

I wish if I could spend some time with her more but that was a One-Day-Meet.

This is what I love to see in a girl, in my companion.


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