Happy Friendship Lives to both of us

He is better than me in any which ways​. True friend is the best friend who accept you completely whatever you are, what best you have and not.

Everything was started in Goa, grew up in delhincr with lots of sweetness in the road trips.

What made me cried the most was your marriage day which I had to left in-between but my Baba made me stand with you in your all celebrations post that incident because he knew that this is the marriage of my real friend, my best friend.

I have learnt many a things from you timely, have received a lot of love from your family, friends and from your loving wife (your bestest friend). I remember the special treatments given to me in your home by your family members but, the most special was Motihari.

You have spent a lot of money on me, showed a new world which I imagined to live but had nothing​ to do for. You are my comfort zone which never let me grow in your company because you are my awesomeness, I will be the same whatever  I am.

You have always given, never asked in return. I have always tried my best to say yes to your​ plans or programs, and honestly, I have done my best. I know what do you look from me or what you expect from me.. Just to be with you always. Please overcome from the fear of “my would be wife” will separate us. And, stop comparing yourself from my other friends, YOU ARE Rohit and everybody knows where you stand in my life.

What I have seen in our friendship is we both have concerns, love, comforts, trust and togetherness for each other. And, this is THE BOND got developed without any special efforts. Such bonds are build by living many a lives together and we are living the same again. This is a friendship from lives and will take us far.

My best dressed days were your marriage days, my best roadtrip was Jaisalmer, my best nightlife was F-Bar, my favorite balcony is your second room’s one of your flat, best in-house party was Devo’s bday.. the list is not over and what is common in all these moments is You.

I know and even you also believe that I cannot do the same for you what you did for me. But, I know, I will give my best, my Baba is with me for my Karmas  in our friendship.

And, hahaha, you are the only friend whose​ shoe size is same as mine.


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